How to Find the Perfect Black Dress

The perfect black drеѕѕ is ѕоmеthing thаt every wоmаn should have in hеr wardrobe. It саn come in hаndу fоr many diffеrеnt occasions, inсluding раrtiеѕ, fоrmal dinnеrѕ, date nights with your Boo, and of course for those times when you’ll be crossing paths with a Hater. It can also be your “go to” outfit whenever you can’t decide what to wear. The little black dress is one wardrobe essential that will always be in style. Even the most basic black dress can make a major fashion statement when style and fit are in alignment.


Finding the perfect black dress for your body type will ensure that you look and feel your best. It will make you feel alluring and make a statement wherever you go!


A few things to consider: neckline, length, comfort, size, fabric, and style. It’s important to choose a dress that emphasizes your assets and conceals what you want to hide.


Women with larger busts can balance out their frames with a plunging or v-neckline. Smaller frames can enhance their bust lines with ruffles.

The length is also important. For many women, the most popular lengths are right below the knee or three quarter length as they can transition seamlessly from day to night. Depending on your job a mini dress might not go over that well.

Comfort and size are probably the most crucial aspects of the selection process. If it feels too tight, it probably is. Be sure that you have the range of motion necessary to not look stiff like Frankenstein. If you’ve put on a few pounds and can no longer fit into your old sizes buy the bigger size and just cut the size tag out. Problem solved! No sense in squeezing into something that doesn’t make you feel confident.